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Superior recycled polypropylene pellets — your eco-advantage

Unlock the potential of sustainable materials with our premium recycled pellets, designed for high precision and eco-conscious manufacturing.

Your high-quality, eco-friendly, cost-effective material choice

Our premium recycled polypropylene pellets support sustainable manufacturing, and deliver exceptional quality and performance. Crafted from post-consumer materials, they offer a greener footprint without compromising on the demanding needs of modern injection molding and plastic compounding.

  • Embrace sustainable manufacturing without quality compromise
  • Tailored solutions for diverse industrial applications
  • Seamless integration into your production, supported by our dedicated service

Elevate your manufacturing with recycled polypropylene pellets

Our commitment to sustainability is matched by our dedication to quality. Each batch of polypropylene pellets is a testament to our eco-friendly approach and rigorous testing protocols. Suitable for various manufacturing needs, they ensure reliability and consistency, making them a cost-effective choice for businesses aiming for excellence.

  • Sustainably sourced from post-consumer battery casings

  • Comprehensive quality control for unmatched product consistency
  • A strategic choice for cost-conscious, eco-driven enterprises

Technical specifications

Derived from post-consumer battery casings, our recycled polypropylene pellets adhere to strict quality standards, ensuring robust performance for injection molding and plastic compounding applications.


Characteristic Test Methodology Value
Melt Flow (g/10 min) ASTM D1238-10 11.0
Impact Resistance (ft-lb/in2) ASTM D 256 @23º 2.20
Ash (%) ASTM D2584 <1.0%
Tensile (psi) ASTM D638 3600-3800
Elongation (%) ASTM D638 7.0-7.5%


100% Post Consumable Plastic
Size: ~3.0mm
Colour: Black pellets


Injection molding, extrusion and others


Gaylord Boxes


COA testing on request

Polypropylene pellets FAQs

Can I request a sample of the polypropylene pellets?2024-02-28T19:00:26+00:00

Certainly! Just schedule a short consultation and we can make the arrangements to get them to you.

What packaging options are available for bulk orders?2024-03-01T21:25:42+00:00

The polypropylene pellets are available in Gaylord Boxes, providing flexible options for shipment based on your order size and handling preferences.

How do KC Recycling’s pellets compare to virgin polypropylene in terms of performance?2024-02-27T20:28:06+00:00

KC Recycling’s recycled polypropylene pellets have a melt flow of 11.0 g/10 min and impact resistance of 2.20 ft-lb/in², which are within the range of standard specifications for virgin polypropylene, making them a robust alternative for various applications.

What makes recycled polypropylene a good choice for my business?2024-03-01T21:27:28+00:00

Recycled polypropylene is a sustainable choice that helps reduce plastic waste. It offers comparable quality to virgin polypropylene and is suitable for a wide range of applications including injection molding and extrusion.

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