KC Recycling processes lead acid batteries into various forms of lead suitable for different industrial requirements:

Metallics: These are shreds of metallic lead mixed with other materials, useful for a variety of smelting processes. The composition allows for versatility in smelting and refining to achieve specific quality requirements​​.

Posts: The terminals from batteries, known as posts, are of high-grade lead suitable for remelting and use in battery manufacturing. Their high-purity lead content is ideal for smelting operations that require a high level of precision​​.

Sulfate: Presented as a lead sulfate ‘cake,’ this material resembles red dirt sludge and is suitable for further processing and refinement in smelting operations​​.

KC Recycling’s advanced recycling capabilities allow for the production of these materials in significant quantities, ensuring a reliable supply for smelters and manufacturers. With the flexibility in the types of lead products offered, clients can find materials that suit their specific smelting and production processes. All products are shipped in supersacks with weights of 3500-5500 pounds, ensuring they are convenient for transport and handling​