Driving innovation in resource recovery

Driving innovation in resource recovery

Your partner in advanced battery recycling, lead and polypropylene material recovery, and dangerous goods transportation.
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Recycle & reclaim: empowering a zero-waste future

At KC Recycling, we’re at the forefront of modernizing resource recovery. With specialized expertise in lead acid battery recovery, we safeguard the environment by diverting hazardous waste and power the next wave of technological innovation with reclaimed materials.

  • 45+ years of industry leadership
  • Advanced hydroseparation technology
  • Dedicated to a zero-waste future
Close-up of advanced battery recycling machinery in operation at KC Recycling.


Lead battery recycling

KC Recycling is Western Canada’s and the Pacific Northwest’s largest and most advanced battery recycler, harnessing proven technology and processes to ensure unparalleled efficiency and capacity.

  • Closed-loop hydroseparation technology
  • Minimizing environmental impact
  • Producing reliable, high-quality lead products



Safe, certified transportation ensuring the safety and integrity of your materials.

  • Specialized in dangerous goods handling
  • Cross border logistics network: highway and rail
  • Compliance with all safety regulations
Transportation services
High-quality recycled lead produced by KC Recycling.


Reliable, high-quality recycled lead

High-grade lead in-feed tailored to your needs.

  • Three types of lead for varying industry needs
  • Stringent quality control and testing
  • Sustainable sourcing for your business


Polypropylene pellets

Recycled polypropylene pellets for injection molding and plastic compounding.

  • Versatile applications in manufacturing
  • Produced from recycled materials
  • Quality assured for high-performance
High-quality polypropylene pellets produced by KC Recycling.


At KC Recycling, our mission is to lead the transition towards a sustainable future. We are committed to innovative recycling that conserves natural resources, serves our communities, and fosters environmental stewardship.